► Elings is a Dutch animator and Internet artist. He is considered one of the new, highly inventive generation of young animators who explore new techniques and platforms for their work. Elings’ work often consists of light-hearted animations dealing with contemporary internet culture. Using the everyday and pop-culture as reference, Elings pushes the aesthetics of online space, an arena characterized by a dizzying array of content, influences, and interconnectivity. He studied animation and film at the Art Academy AKV St. Joost in Breda, the Netherlands where he graduated in 2005. He lives and works in the Netherlands and his artwork has been shown on many different platforms like Tumblr, international film festivals, the New Museum, and is constantly featured prominently in Speed Shows around the world.

Text: Ben Valentine (curator & writer)

► Jasper Elings studied animation and film at the Art Academy AKV St. Joost in Breda, the Netherlands. He graduated in the year 2005, and is one of the new, highly inventive generation of young animators. He lives and works in the Hague, the Netherlands. His short films are distributed by De Filmbank/ EYE Film Institute, and have been screened at various festivals internationally.

Text: Claartje Opdam (Project coordinator exhibitions at eye Film Institute)

► Jasper est habité par l'humour créatif. Qu'il contemple un couché de soleil ou un flash dans un miroir et il ne peut en rester là. Avec lui, ces évènements on ne peut plus ordinaires revêtent immédiatement une fibre inhabituelle qui oscille entre le clin d'œil amusé et une touche de rêve. Trop fort Jasper!

Text: J-Francois Tinard (Canal+)

► Damn! the work of Jasper Elings wasn't published directly here despite I'm a huge fan of him from long time ago. I'm sure you already know some of his pieces or at least have seen something while surfing the internet as Jasper's work has been highly viral. His simple but great concepts are usually based on the internet culture as you can see on the selection of pieces into the post which probably were created 2 years ago. Jasper is lately quite focused on 3D animation as I saw what he is sharing on fb but of course continuing with the same sense of humor than his previous works and animated gifs which some of them have thousand of notes..

Text: Emilio Gomariz (editor Triangulation)

► Jasper Elings is doing some interesting animated gifs. Maybe interesting is not the word. Moronic? Puerile? Debased? Tacky? Whatever, they're surefire internet survivers.

What is interesting is the turntable motion he often plays with. It's obviously an established gif convention to simply revolve things, but the turntable is also the de facto method of showing off 3D models. If you google '3D turntable' you'll see a lot of guns, babes, orcs and armoured vehicles along with the odd gun-babe-orc in armoured vehicle (mmmm, fighting *and* sex!). Just as picture frames, white cubes and plinths are the invisible supports for painting and sculpture, the turntable is becoming a support for 3D imagery. Perhaps that's why I think the work has a grain of reflexivity in it. Along with the consciously liberal use of stock 3D library models embellished with cocks and boobs. That's got you interested, hasn't it?! Welcome to the age of the internet.

Have a look at Jasper Elings website, why don't you? He's basically Banksy in gif form.

Text: Alan Warburton

► In 2076 the work of Elings, a Dutch, will be a brilliant, Warholian and super-short testament of the golden age 2.0.

Text: Carla Vulpiani and Alice Arecco (Programmer MilanFilmFestival)

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