► Sharing a beautiful sunset
"Can a sunset be crowd-sourced? Artist Jasper Elings has done just that with “Sharing a Beautiful Sunset”, a one minute photo animation that creates one single ocean sunset from hundreds of disparate images found on Google Image. The resulting video, set to a industrial drone soundtrack, is both poetic found art and intriguing conceptual exercise. As found internet artifacts, the source of Elings’ images is a popular tool for art-making lately, but “Sharing a Beautiful Sunset” succeeds in transcending the banality and kitsch of sunset photos into something much more inspiring".
Text by: Kyle Chayka, senior editor at Hyperallergic

"In 2076 the work of Elings, a Dutch, will be a brilliant, Warholian and super-short testament of the golden age 2.0".
Text by: Milano Film Festival